Monday, June 20, 2011

All labeled up but no place to go

We're printed, stickered, and arranged by postal code, stacked oh-so-neatly in covered plastic bins. Now all we need is the mail. Fingers crossed it will be this week. In the meantime we're already in pursuit of ideas for the next issue, which is about language, and especially about the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (30 years old next year!). So, we'd like to know: what word from the DNE would you like to see in more common use? My vote goes for "whizgigging", but, of course, there are lots more choices: "drash" (as is happening right now outside our windows); "peggin" (and we could need a few before the day's out, according to the forecast); "swab" (might be looking for one or two of those as well).


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